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Our boutique wellness sanctuary is located in the heart of the Kambri Precinct at ANU, Canberra.

Located within the health and wellbeing centre, steps from the local spa - pool and green-space, with ample parking under the Cultural Central where we invite you to stroll pass Kambri’s - Art and Music scene offering many free films, live music, performances, exibitions and creative workshops by ANU Thrive & Kambri. 

We offer relaxation workshops, treatments and services such as mindfulness, movements and massage within the community as well as for the public. Our studio, like Kambri is family friendly, so bring the family to relax and unwind - there is something for everyone to enjoy!


Experience a luxurious and unique MindSpa on a Sunset Beach, with a Relaxing massage.

Enjoy a range of herbal teas in our MindSpa Mindfulness & Massage Lounge with: 


Advanced relaxation 3D sounds and binaural beats (Synctuition) 

Brain sensing meditation headband sensing brain activity, heart rate, breath and movements (MUSE) 

Giving yourself a session of mindfulness & stress-reduction for your mind, body and spirit. 

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Our sanctuary offers relaxation treatments and workshops in a calm and quiet space.


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