Our Aspirations
the Mamas Palms Philosophy.  

Created by XYZ Be.Yonderz - Mamas Palms studios is about bringing the outside in and the inside out. Our floating palm tree across waters is a message of many meaningful connections - about where we are and where we may be. A showcase of diversity from across the world as a source for inspiration, discovery, growth and personal transformation. Mama - is our connection to Mother Nature and Palms - represents creations. The floating bubble is a Mindfulness in Mindset, of seeing clearly and the ability to be light, airy, transparent and complete.


Sharing international ideas, products, services in our workshops and interactive online-series, from all our creative partners, contributors and friends from around the world, encourages us to grow. As some of the greatest moments in life can be found through sharing. Opening our minds and widening our worlds. Awakened to find our true authenticity and integrity - through the power of awareness.


Mamas Palms Studio Series of Workshop & Webinar are proudly produced by Mama's - 'Sugar Palm's Series. A Graduate of Theatre and Presenting at the ANU and NIDA, Media Communication at UC. Restorative Yoga with ANTI GRAVITY, mentored by Creative Body Flow, with training in Massage at CIT and Meditation at ACHS and GGSC.


Passionate about all forms of recreational therapy. With experience that expands from Disney Studios, assisting with RDA. Our studio series combines our three passions -  art, youth and a creative, yet holistic approach to recreational therapeutics - sharing ways to help us meet our goals and needs by finding the fun in functional.  As wells as a true balance of mind, body and spirit!

Beyond our studio series, we believe that humility is core to our brand. While mind, movement and motivation is the heart of our studio. The Mamas Palms Journey is one of exploration and sharing. We invite you to explore, soar and inspire. From our team and family - Welcome!